'Punish a Muslim Day': Disturbing flier advocates for violence against Muslims

Activists in Chicago are sounding the alarm about a shocking flier promoting a "day of violence" against Muslims.

For the Muslim population, this type of hate speech is sadly nothing new.

Folks that FOX 32 talked to on Friday say fliers like this are so ridiculous, they try not to pay any attention.

"This is the 21st century, it’s like, can't we all get along now?” said Jamila Yusuf.

“Saddened to tell you the truth, obviously there is a feeling of disgust,” said Safaa Zarzaur, superintendent of Universal School in Bridgeview.

Zarzaur is aware of the anti-Muslim poster proclaiming April 3rd to be "Punish a Muslim Day."

"Whoever wrote this, they don't realize the impact it has, especially on the young, on the children,” he said. "When they feel like they cannot be safe on their own streets, they cannot be safe among their fellow citizens, it's really difficult."

Zarzaur says the administration at the Mosque Foundation in Bridgeview has been talking about increasing security the past few weeks, around the same time this racist flyer began spreading on social media.

It originated in London and lists several violent ways on how to celebrate "Punish a Muslim Day."

Dan Browne with the International Human Relations Council says they are alerting Chicago police about the flyer and the potential for violence.

"We don't want anybody hurt, we don’t want anyone accosted and we are warning people in advance that this is out there,” Browne said.

"Just like any other day, we have to be vigilant anyway but we probably have to be all the more aware and vigilant that day,” Yusuf said.