Protests demanding justice for Botham Jean enter second week

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A group of about 20 to 30 people protested again on Monday outside of Dallas Police Headquarters.

Leaders say marches and demonstrations like the one on Monday will continue until Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger is fired.

The protesters continue to demand justice for Botham Jean and Officer Guyger fired from the Dallas Police Department as she awaits trial.

Several dozen people gathered outside DPD headquarters. Two men took a knee in front of the main entrance to protest police brutality and racial inequality. Many of the demonstrators who are there Monday were also there last week and the week before. They said while some people may be tired of seeing them in the streets, it’s important for them to remain visible and vigilant. The protesters believe repetition is crucial in getting their message across.

“These protests are hard to ignore,” said organizer Rev. Jeff Hood. “I mean the city in of itself can’t just sit back and say we’re going allow this to continue. We don’t care about this. The highway was blocked. Streets are being blocked.”

“I don’t think this is being done in vain,” said protestor Kimberly Taylor. “I think we are being heard, and we are not going to stop until we are heard.”

After rallying outside DPD, protestors removed a casket from the back of a hearse to symbolize the body of Botham Jean. They marched down Lamar Street and passed by the apartment complex where he was shot dead by Officer Guyger.

Officers blocking the entrance of the interstate with barricades to keep protesters from blocking traffic like they did on Friday night.

Monday’s protest remained peaceful. Organizers are planning more for later this week.