Protests against zero-tolerance immigration policy held across DFW

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Moved by stories of separation at the border, thousands marched in hundreds of cities against President Trump's zero-tolerance policy.

On a weekend many are starting to celebrate American's independence, hundreds in North Texas exercised their right to protest, this time, the separation of families at the border.

"This country belongs to no one, this is a country of immigrants," said Fort Worth resident Yasmin Ortiz.

About 400 people were at one of the protests in McKinney. Organizers say there were about 700 in Fort Worth. In front of Dallas City Hall, hundreds of others came for a variety of reasons.

Cheryl Allison recently returned from volunteering in the border town of McAllen.

"There was a gentleman who had fled with his 12-year-old son from Guatemala because the gangs were after his son and they were trying to recruit him but they had no other choice to flee," she said.

Many of the protesters are moved by the stories of families seeking asylum in the U.S. and many demanded the end of the zero-tolerance policy that led to the prosecuting of people caught entering the country illegally, which led officials to separate more than 2,000 children from their parents.

"Now we have thousands of children, parents don't know where they are. How do they keep those children together? We don't know how they're being treated," said Wiley resident Terrie Slaughter.

Not every protest was peaceful Saturday. Witnesses say dozens gathered near an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement office off Stemmons Freeway near Empire Central Drive. Protester Filipe Soto snapped photos.

"Well let's just say they weren't compliant, they weren't compliant and that's to create attention," he said.

Police say they arrested five people for blocking the road, including one woman who also hit an officer.

Most of the protesters were peaceful, with some volunteers registering people to vote to keep their push for change going.

"We have to keep the attention on this because this cannot be forgotten," said Allison.

There were protests in other North Texas cities as well including Denton. FOX 4 is not aware of any major issues with counter protesters.