Prosecution rests in Christina Morris kidnapping trial

The state rested its case Monday afternoon in the trial of a man accused of kidnapping Christina Morris, who has been missing for more than two years.

Morris was last seen with Enrique Arochi on surveillance video in a parking garage at the Shops at Legacy in Plano.

Day 9 of the trial focused largely on testimony from the lead detective in the case. It took another interesting turn when the defense brought up a possible connection to the Arian brotherhood.

The Arian brotherhood tie came up when the defense was questioning a detective on the case.

A man in the Cleburne jail said he believed Morris had witnessed a stabbing of a brotherhood member and was killed over what she saw.

The detective said Morris was not able to corroborate the man’s story. The judge did not allow the jury to hear that testimony

The jury finally did hear from Morris's mother, Jonni McElroy. Although brief, her testimony was emotional and focused on her daily search for her daughter.

The jury also finished hearing from Plano Detective Cathy Stamm. Her testimony was picked up from Friday with cross-examination.

Defense attorneys drove home the point that Morris' DNA was not found in trash pulls from Arochi's home, in a shop vacuum that prosecutors believe Arochi may have used to clean his car, or on black shirts, including one he may have worn the night Morris disappeared.

Prosecutors saved their strongest witness for last -- Detective Robyn Busby, the lead detective in the case.

Busby laid out her theory for the jury. She believes Morris got into the car willingly, but it turned into a kidnapping when Arochi headed the wrong way on State Highway 121. She testified that she believes the two got into a fight, causing Arochi's hand injuries, and believes Arochi had a motive for sexual assault after getting rebuffed earlier that night by a female friend. 

The judge expects the jury to deliberate on Tuesday.