Proposal requiring changing tables at restaurants sparks debate for Dallas City Council

A proposal that will require new Dallas restaurants and stores to provide diaper changing tables in men’s and women's bathrooms sparked a surprising debate at the Dallas City Council meeting on Wednesday.

A Dallas father proposed the requirement after telling city leaders he had to change a baby on a bathroom floor.

The plan would only apply to new construction or buildings that are remodeled.

The proposal passed after facing opposition from four city council members, one who called it a silly regulation.

“I think the fact of the matter is, if someone doesn't have a changing table in their bathroom, maybe they don't want infants there,” Councilman Lee Kleinman said.

“It's good for men's restrooms, where often there are not changing tables. Certainly you don't want to be left in a situation where you are changing babies on restroom floors,” Councilman Scott Griggs said.

Council members argued that it is not an undue burden on a business, since a changing table can be purchased for less than $150.