Prom night held for teens at Children's Medical Center Dallas

Dealing with a serious medical issue is more than just doctors and hospitals. But a patient's happiness can play a key role in recovery.

That's the idea behind prom night at Children's Medical Center Dallas where staff helped teens feel a little less like patients.

It was the second year Children's Medical Center Dallas has put on the patient prom. It’s become an instant hit.

On the fifth floor of Children's Medical Center Dallas, positive memories were in the making.

In the makeup chair was 17-year-old Estefani Beltran. She's a patient at the hospital. But on Thursday. She got to be a princess.

“It feels like a good opportunity to feel normal for a day,” she said. “They're doing my makeup for the prom today. I'm really excited actually when they told me about it.”

Estefani is undergoing chemotherapy for an undisclosed illness. She and some 70 other patients are putting their worries aside for one night.

For some, attending prom at the hospital is a family affair.

“We definitely take all of the moments we can so she can be happy,” said Jessica Beltran, Estefani’s sister. “I know for some patients it can bring you down. So this is just good for the kids.”

It takes months to put the party together, but for the volunteers, therapy dogs and hospital workers involved in the process say the outcome was worth it.

“It just really helps to liven them up to come in here and come from being in bed all day or stuck in their room and just come and transform into getting their hair and makeup done and feeling beautiful,” said Lauren Mayberry, a child life specialist.

With a beautiful donated dress on, Estefani and others were ready to roll and rode to prom in style.

The night was theirs for the taking. Pain and disease were no match for the love and good vibes electrifying the dance floor.

Parents attending the prom with their kids were put in a separate room with some pizza to give the kids an authentic high school prom experience.