Prom Night for Jamarcus Byrd

Students in Ovilla arranged a prom night for a young man whose medical condition caused him to miss his own prom.

21-year-old Jamarcus Byrd has a rare degenerative neurological disorder that limits his speech and movement.  He never went to his high school prom, so a student at Ovilla Christian School decided to invite him to hers. 

"I just wanted to make this night really special for him," student Natalie Stephens said,  "I know he didn't really get a prom so I really wanted to make sure he could enjoy this with us."

Since he was 7-years-old, Byrd has struggled with his movement - eventually diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder called SCA type 2.  But this year, the boy's basketball coaches at invited Byrd to be an honorary assistant coach to the team. 

Homeschooled since the end of junior high, Byrd was unable to do many of the things other kids could, like continue playing sports.

"They're giving that opportunity to him, I think that's something Jamarcus will remember he rest of his life," his mother Renee Jones said, "but it's also something these kids are going to carry for the rest of their lives. 

Byrd's coaches say he's been cheering them on all year.

Assistant basketball coach Dan Harris said "I'm just happy for him. It's going to be a different experience but it's still his experience.  Nobody can take that away."

Update:  Byrd was named Prom King at his Ovilla Christian School prom.