Program to help renters become homeowners holds Dallas event

A program that helps home renters become homeowners is in the middle of a stop in Dallas.

NACA, or the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, is hosting a multi-day event at Fair Park where people can learn more.

  • REGISTER & ATTEND: NACA’s Achieve the Dream event will run from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Feb. 20 through Feb. 23 at the Food and Fiber Pavilion at Fair Park (1233 S Washington St. in Dallas). Registration can be found at, and walk-ins are welcome.

Alisha Ford is proud of her home, her first purchased a year and a half ago.

“My home was built in 1960. We are in one of the older neighborhoods in South Oak Cliff,” Ford said. “I didn’t want a new build, I wanted an older home that had character and I wanted it to be part of an older neighborhood and help rebuild and add to that neighborhood.”

Ford has a master’s in public health from Texas A&M and works for a non-profit. She went to her financial advisor worried if she could afford to own.

“I’m not rolling in the dough but he wanted me to have the best advantage in buying a home and he knew about NACA,” Ford said.

NACA is holding home buying events across the country. It’s a one day, one stop shop to tell you just how much home you can afford.

“This is the achieve the dream event. This is for home buyers to achieve NACA's Best in America mortgage -- no down payment, no closing costs at a below market fixed rate,” said founder Bruce Marks.

Bank of America, NACA's home buying partner, committed $10 billion for mortgages.

“We have a foreclosure rate of .00012,” Marks bragged.

La Toisha Fountain went through the process that focuses more on character than credit and how you've paid bills the last two years. She was approved.

“On top of the world, on top of the world and super excited and glad to be a part of this program,” Fountain said.

Marks said NACA is helping thousands achieve the dream.

“We're really impacting people in really fundamental ways when they never thought they could be a homeowner and not on these terms,” Marks said.

Ford said the program has been a blessing.

“It’s been a godsend. I love my home, I love my community. I’ve gotten involved in the neighborhood association, so I know I’m right where I need to be,” Ford said.