Pregnant dog gives birth to puppies in airport

Travelers and employees at Tampa International Airport were treated to a sight they probably didn’t expect to see at an airport: eight newborn puppies.

Ellie and Nugget are both yellow labs and work as service dogs. Ellie, Nugget and their owners, were trying to make a flight home before Ellie gave birth. But nature decided Ellie couldn’t wait any longer, and she had her puppies right in the airport, as onlookers took photos of the adorable sight.

Passengers, flight crews and officers all watched as Tampa Fire Rescue helped Ellie give birth. Proud papa “nugget” was there watching too. The first seven puppies were all boys, but the last one, who required a little extra coaxing to come out, was a girl.

Of course the dogs did miss their flight back to Philadelphia. The pups won’t be able to fly until they’re eight  weeks old, so this dog family will be finding a different way back home.