Popular Austin mural defaced with message telling visitors to leave

The iconic "Greetings from Austin" mural on South First Street was vandalized Wednesday morning with a message telling those visiting “to leave.” 

Most of the vandalism has already been painted, but they still need to fix the mural.

“It makes me feel sad and really hurts my feelings,” said Todd Sanders who owns the building with the iconic mural. 

He noticed something was off when he pulled up for work Wednesday morning. 

“I saw that my windows were graffitied and as I turned I said please not the mural, please not the mural and ah they got the mural,” said Sanders.

Sanders spent the day painting over what was done. 

“It's financially damaging, I have to pay people to come and restore this again. I’m an artist, I don't make much money and now I have to spend my money to try and fix this mural,” said Sanders.

Those who came to view the mural were also upset with the attack on the popular art piece. 

“It's just frustrating; why do you have to take out your anger on something that didn't do anything to you,” said Daniel Hamilton who is from Austin. 

Sanders said he deals with people vandalizing his building often, but they typically avoid the mural itself. 

“You don't tag the art, you respect the art,” said Sanders.

For now, Sanders said he will continue to fix the mural so those visiting the city can have a proper "Greetings from Austin.”