Police warn of ‘untrustworthy drug dealers,’ offer to weigh drugs to make sure buyers received correct amount

Police in North Carolina posted a tongue-in-cheek PSA on their Facebook page, urging residents to be wary of a common scam involving “untrustworthy drug dealers,” urging any victims of the ruse to contact authorities immediately.  

The Mint Hill Police Department posted a photo of a bag of marijuana placed on top of an iPhone with the calculator app on. 

“Some untrustworthy drug dealers are using their cell phone, instead of a certified scale to display the weight of the merchandise that they are selling,” wrote the police. 

The photo shows the numbers “3.5” typed into the calculator, indicating the weight of the substance “agreed upon during your transaction.”

Authorities went on to urge anyone affected by the scam to contact them and schedule a meeting with one of their officers where they can help facilitate a valuation of the drugs purchased. 

Dozens of people responded to the post, appreciating the humor. 

“OK I just laughed out loud at this brilliant public service,” wrote one person in response.