Police using ‘Battle in Big D Boxing Tournament' to connect with the community

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The Battle in Big D Boxing Tournament was held this weekend, and Dallas PD used the opportunity for some one-on-one time with the public in hopes that it can help lower the crime rate.

As murder seems to be becoming somewhat more common with young victims and suspects in Dallas, police are hoping more community events will turn teens to more positive lifestyles.

“I was born and raised in Atlanta, and if it wasn’t for me getting a full scholarship to UNT to play basketball, I can honestly say I don’t know where I would be,” said Ravven Brown.

Brown is now on the Team USA Boxing Team.

She says structured events like basketball and boxing can turn lives around.

This is the sixth year Dallas PD and Dallas Parks and Recreation have hosted Battle in the Big D.

“Our consistency on the street is going to take care of things now. Hopefully, this will take care of things in the future,” DPD Officer Jose De la Rocha said.

De La Rocha hopes these events will turn young people on to different ways of relieving stress and aggression.

“As officers, we have to show our consistency,” he said. “If we show our consistency to these kids, these programs, show them we are here every day, they will tell it to their friend and come to our events.”

Boxing shows you more than who is strongest. It teaches you discipline and respect, something the young people taking part are learning now.

So they can hopefully avoid a crime scene with flashing red and blue lights when they are older.

“You see these kids box, win or lose, they handshake. They hug. They console each other. That’s the best part of it,” said Maria Garcia, with Dallas Parks and Recreation.