Police: TCU assistant dean killed in crash with drunk driver

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TCU students and faculty are in mourning for a staff member who died this week.

Jamie Dulle was the assistant dean of Campus Life for the university.

Fort Worth police say Dulle was hit by a drunk driver early Sunday morning near the intersection of Rosedale Street and Forest Park Boulevard. Responders took Dulle to the hospital, but she later died.

Investigators say the impact was so strong that despite wearing her seatbelt that Dulle's body struck a light pole.

Fort Worth police say Cristen Hamilton was behind the wheel of the car that struck Dulle. Detectives are trying to figure out how fast Hamilton was going at the time of impact. Her blood alcohol level has not been released. Police do say it was Hamilton's first intoxication offense.

“I know the students and faculty are hurting really bad,” said Fort Worth Officer Tracy Carter. “And I’m glad we could bring closure to this by getting the suspect and booking them on their charges.”

Spring break was supposed to be a time for celebration. But for students and staff still on the TCU campus in Fort Worth, it's a time of great sorrow.

“It shows like the way people drive here is reckless and very careless,” said student Khoi Nguyen.

Dulle had recently completed her doctorate degree. At TCU, she oversaw student advocacy, crisis response and the women’s program education.

“I knew exactly who you were talking about when you said it. I'm sad to hear that, but I know the Lord had a place for her up there in heaven,” said student Devon Berry. “You never know when you’re going to leave. It's always important to make a positive impact while you’re here. And I think that she did and that's why people are coming out to show their condolences. I definitely do.”

Dulle leaves behind two children.

TCU leaders say they hope to support her friends, family, and coworkers through this tragedy.

Hamilton was charged with intoxication assault, but she could face more charges as police investigate.