Police searching for owner after dog bites woman outside Dallas Starbucks

A woman was injured unexpectedly as she walked by a dog outside a Dallas coffee shop.

Police are now looking for the dog and its owner after the animal bit the woman and the owner got his coffee and dog and left.

The incident happened outside the Starbucks in North Dallas off Preston Road near Forest Lane on Sunday.

Dallas police officers responded to the scene, but the dog and owner were long gone. The victim says she's traumatized by the attack and troubled by the lack of accountability.

Just before 10 a.m. Sunday morning, Bich Chau Nguyen was walking to work when she was suddenly attacked by a dog outside of a Starbucks.

“I barely make it by, and he attacked me,” she recalled. “He pulled me towards him. My pants ripped. My shirt ripped. The button on my jeans came off.”

Nguyen asked that FOX 4 not show her face. She works next door to the Starbucks at Beauty Times Day Spa. Her boss provided her with surveillance video of the attack, which Nguyen says was unprovoked.

“I’m trying to hold my pants together, and he's just mumbling at his dog,” she said.

The dog is believed to be a Great Dane, and it was on a leash. The presumed owner was sitting at a table drinking a coffee when the dog lunged at Nguyen and biting her in the hand and stomach. Photographs show the bite marks and torn clothing.

Nguyen says she tried to talk to the dog owner, but he didn't stick around.

“I tried to get the guy's attention, and he just got up and left,” she recalled. “And I kept screaming at him and yelling at him that he needs to stop and that I need his information.”

Nguyen called 911 to report the attack. An incident report shows responding Dallas police officers arrived less than 20 minutes later and noted the dog owner was gone.

Phuong Tran is Nguyen's attorney. She wants to find the dog’s owner fast.

“The owner is required to provide the victim with vaccination records or quarantine the dog for seven days to make sure it does not have any health problems,” she explained.

Nguyen says she went to urgent care to get treated. She's looking for answers and an apology.

“I have no idea if the dog has rabies. His shots. Nothing. I know nothing about this dog or this person,” she said. “I just felt like he abandoned somebody he didn't care. He didn't want to deal with it.”

According to the Dallas City Code, a person who fails to secure a dog that makes an unprovoked bite while not on an owner's property could be charged with a Class C misdemeanor.

Anyone who may recognize the duo is asked to contact Dallas police or can contact Tran at 469-268-7569.