Police search Collin County park for body of Richardson woman

Police in Collin County searched through the Natural Springs Park in Anna for the body of missing Richardson woman.

A tip led police to the park in search of Jessie Bardwell’s body. She was last seen April 29.

Even though Bardwell’s body has not been found, her boyfriend, Jason Lowe, is facing a murder charge based on blood and other evidence found in his SUV and his garage.

Cell phone video shot by a resident shows a DPS chopper over the park on Wednesday. Richardson police confirm they also had several officers on the ground searching the 40-acre park that has two ponds and wooded acreage.

One man who has lived in the area for more than 12 years says he is not surprised by the prospect that someone might try to hide a body in the park.

Well, there's a lot of places to do it here,” said Carey Allen “It's very wooded and it's very secluded, but it's easy to get to.”

Richardson police released pictures of Lowe's Audi SUV on Wednesday. Police believe Lowe used the SUV to transport Bardwell's body. They believe at one point the SUV was covered in mud. They hope to speak to anybody who may have helped pull the SUV out of the mud.

Richardson police are not commenting on if they were able to recover anything of significance. They say they are searching other areas as well, but would not be specific.

Allen says an officer told him police planned to return to the park with search dogs.