Police respond to LHS because of online threat

Police responded to both Lancaster High School in Lancaster and Lamar High School in Arlington Friday morning because of a tweet threatening LHS.

The online message from @whiteboyjoe113 said “LHS got it coming at 10” and “I have a gun and I’m going to blow this b**** up.”

Parents at both schools began calling police and administrators with concerns at their children’s safety.

Arlington police said it sent officers to Lamar High School. A teacher there told FOX 4 that the principal made an announcement about the threat over the loud speaker.

But, Arlington ISD said the school now believes Lancaster High School was the target and students were asked to continue their day as normal.

Lancaster police confirmed officers were also sent to Lancaster High school, but said the school was handling the investigation. No one answered the phone when FOX 4 called the school for more information.

Several parents told FOX 4 the school was on lockdown. Some planned to pick up their children early.

A threat posted later on Instagram from someone with a similar name also mentioned DeSoto High School. Police responded there as well as a precaution.