Police looking for group that beat, robbed man in Deep Ellum

Dallas police are searching for three men who carjacked, beat and robbed a Cedar Hill man as he left work.

The attack happened overnight Thursday right in front of a bar in Deep Ellum, raising new fears about the safety of the neighborhood.

The victim reported the crime to Cedar Hill police, which is where he lives. But since the incident happened in Deep Ellum, Dallas police are now handling the investigation.

It's a popular place where people come to work and play...

John Wittlinger, the general manager of The Door, a music venue located at the corner of Main Street and Good Latimer Street saw a Facebook post published by his former employee and friend Pierre Mora.

According to Mora's post, he was carjacked by three males around 2:30 a.m. Friday right in front of The Door where he normally parks his car along the curve. Mora works a block away at Louie Louie's Piano Bar.

“It's sad it could've been anybody. It could've been any of us,” Wittlinger said. “I just left work a few hours before. It could've been me or any of our friends here. There's not a lot of foot traffic around us. We're kind of at the edge of Deep Ellum.

Mora says the men forced him to drive to his home in Cedar Hill, held him hostage, robbed him and beat him up. He says he managed to get away but got his car stolen. It was found ditched on 67 and Belt Line in Cedar Hill.

“I guess I wasn't really that shocked because I've been hearing about all this stuff happening here,” Wittlinger said. “One of our other security guards was in front of On The Record and got stabbed.”

Marissa Bunn works in Deep Ellum in one of the bars. She says the attack scares her.

“It's definitely a little scary. I walk this way on Elm or Commerce every night,” she said. “No one should have to suffer like that going to and from work.”

FOX 4’s Alex Boyer stopped by Mora's home to see how he's doing. His parents said he wasn't up to talking and was resting.

According to Mora's post, he's shaken up but felt the need to share details of the encounter to motivate people to never travel alone.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Dallas Police Department.