Police K9 has an unusual job: making people smile

Police deputy Tootsie Roll isn’t like your ordinary K9 Cop. She doesn’t sniff out drugs or bombs or chase down bad guys. Tootsie has just one job: make people smile.

Tootsie Roll is one of four canine officers in Orlando area schools who is there to brighten people’s days. Her formal job description is “bringing people comfort and joy.”

Tootsie patrols elementary school hallways with her handler, Deputy Bill “Mac” MacCaffrey and helps diffuse tense situations, or just give kids a chance to interact with an animal and relax. Deputy MacCaffrey says that just having her around can change the entire atmosphere in a school.

Tootsie might not be fighting crime like some other K9s, but she’s still got one of the most important roles of all: keeping people happy.