Police groups upset over DPD chief's controversial comment on violent crime

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The Dallas police chief made a controversial comment that isn’t sitting well with a few different police groups. Now she is trying to clarify what she said.

During a news conference Monday about the number of homicides in the city, Chief Renee Hall talked about socioeconomic problems in the city and made a comment about the people who commit violent acts.

"There are individuals in this city who have returned from prison who cannot find a job, who are not educated. So in those instances, those individuals are forced to ah, commit violent acts," she said.

Hall was addressing two specific crimes from over the weekend. The body of a murdered transgender woman was found in White Rock Lake and an innocent woman died in a shootout at a South Dallas car wash.

She went on to discuss the high number of homicides so far this year. As of Monday, that total was 89.

“But we also must understand the police department is not able to arrest our way out of this. There are socioeconomic issues that are related to crime in this city,” she said.

In response to that comment, the Dallas president of the National Black Police Association took to social media to say, “We do not agree with that statement. Nothing said justifies murder.”

“100% of our current crime problem is an officer shortage. People who commit violence against our citizens need to go to jail,” the Dallas Police Association added.

Chief Hall has since fired back with a clarification. She said crime is on the rise in Dallas for many reasons, pointing out a lack of resources and opportunity.

She said she is not using that as an excuse to commit crimes but that Dallas residents need to work together as a community to be vigilant. She’s also asking for help from the church community.