Police: Granddaughter, 2 others arrested for 86-year-old man's death

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A shocking murder in the northeast community of Elberton has led to the arrest of the victim’s granddaughter and a couple of her friends.

The Elbert County Sheriff’s Office said Savannah Marie Jennings and a couple of her friends tried unsuccessfully to hide the body of 86-year-old Otha Perrin in a farm pond.

At Rose Hill Baptist Church, prayers were offered for 86-year-old Otha Perrin whose body Elbert County Sheriff investigators said was recovered from a pond behind this Elberton farm near the church.

“We are prayerful for the family and the young lady and all of them in their life, said Harvey Peek, one of the church members.

Myra Perrin, the victim’s niece told FOX 5 News her family has lived next door to him for decades. She said the family became concerned when he failed to return home after his step-granddaughter, 19-year-old Savannah Marie Jennings, who lived with Mr. Perrin, had reported him missing Sunday.

On Monday, Mayra Perrin said she went to the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office concerned something wasn’t right because Jennings had told investigators conflicting stories.

“After they talked to myself and my uncle and his wife they brought Savannah in and that’s when she broke down and really told them what happened,” said Ms. Perrin.

A representative of the sheriff’s office who wouldn’t go on camera did confirm Jennings on further questioning broke down and admitted she lied.

Investigators said shortly afterward they retrieved Mr. Perrins body from the pond and a .22 caliber on the farm property.

“They did recover his body and that he had been shot and they couldn’t tell us anything else,” said Ms. Perrin.

Elbert County Sheriff investigators told FOX 5 News Jennings faces murder, felony murder, malice murder, concealing the death of another and other charges.

William David Peterson, 19, of Athens, faces the same charges.

Dakota Street, 18, who according to Myra Perrin had lived with Jennings and her uncle for a few months, faces a charge of concealing the death of another.

For the prayer group at Rose Hill Baptist Church, the small town murder is another reason to keep praying

“We’re just sorry that it happened but we realize that we are living in times when all kind of things just happens,” said Harvey Peek.

Myra Perrin told FOX 5 News Otha Perrin was a retired school bus driver for the local school district who will be missed by many.

She said Jennings and the others had an afternoon bond hearing where bond was denied.

They were booked into the Elbert County Detention Center.