Police finish investigation at site of Plano mass murder

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Plano police say they've concluded their on-scene investigation at the home where 9 people were killed on Sunday.

But the complete investigation is far from over and it could be months before all of the work into the mass shooting is finished.

Meanwhile, a Plano neighborhood rattled by Sunday night’s mass murder is struggling to move on.        

Ever since the horrific shooting, the entire street has been covered in crime scene tape and police vehicles, keeping people from approaching the home.

The cars belonging to some of the victims have been removed and the street has been reopened, but neighbors say they haven't forgotten the tragedy that unfolded.

The home once belonging to Meredith Hight now has holes in the fence. A bbq grill is still in the backyard, a reminder of the friendly get together that was taking place amongst friends when Meredith’s estranged husband, Spencer Hight, opened fire, killing Meredith and seven of her friends before a Plano police officer shot and killed him.

Another shooting victim, Carly Shockey, was the only survivor inside the house. She remains in serious condition at the hospital.

Now that the crime scene tape is gone, a memorial has sprouted up in front of Meredith’s home.

Neighbors have stopped by the memorial to reflect on the gravity of the situation.

“I just feel there should be more conversation because stuff like this keeps happening,” said Lauren Lintelman. “Young people, I don't think they know how to handle feelings and situations like this. So I think it's good to keep thinking about it and calling attention to it. It should be affecting people and people should care about it so hopefully we see less of it.”

As investigators were wrapping up things, family friends of one of the victims, Darryl Hawkins, held a vigil for him at Erwin Park in McKinney on Thursday. The family asked for privacy and did not want media there.

Plano police say each of the eight murders is being treated as a personal case, which means it could take weeks if not months to complete.