Police crack down on off-campus TCU parties

Fort Worth police say warnings aren't working for TCU students, so they're cracking down on late-night, off-campus parties.

Some neighbors say the homes near the quiet Fort Worth campus turn into a party mecca once the sun goes down, and say this year is much worse than any year before.

Police say some parties can attract 100 people or more. One night, more than a dozen patrol cars were tied up due to officers answering complaints.

"It told us that police would be cracking down, there would be less warnings given if a policeman had to show up to a party,” said TCU student Terrul Ratcliff.

Intoxicated partygoers could go to jail.

“I don't think necessarily it's the extent of arresting people,” said TCU student Nikki Howard. “I think giving warning was probably just fine, but I honestly don't really know how serious the parties get, I guess.”

A lot of homeowners didn't want to say anything on TV, but a fair share told FOX 4 that the parties come with the territory and they're OK with it.

"We're probably one of the closest houses to campus, and we've never had a problem with the kids partying and being disrespectful to us in any way,” said homeowner Kaye Jordan. “I think it’s fun for them to get together and make these memories.”

But police say there seem to be more parties, and some get pretty loud.

“I don't know whether they all need to be arrested or anything like that, but I feel like it's more talk than anything,” said TCU student Meggie Koch. “I don't know if they're actually going to start doing it."

Fort Worth police say partygoers should know that if they think their parties are loud, the complaints are even louder and they're being heard all the way downtown.