Police and children attend community party in Fort Worth

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Rain wasn’t enough to wash out a community outreach party in southeast Fort Worth.

Beyond the balloon animals and free back-to-school backpacks is the reason for the event.

"Me and my son were at the grocery store one day and we saw a police officer and he told me that he was terrified of the police," said North Texas mom Charisse Mathis.

10-year-old Kanye heard about the Dallas shooting, and several other shootings, and wasn't sure what to think. Mathis says she knew she had to do something, and called an officer she knew, Deputy Jim Scroggins.

"So immediately, we went out and we arranged to buy school supplies for the kids," said Scroggins.

People donated their time and money in the form of backpacks, clothes, face painters, balloon artists, even a bounce house and DJ at the Worth Heights Community Center.

It was all to show the kids what Deputy Scroggins says he wants everyone to understand, "That we're humans. That we're just like them. That we have a job, and our job is to enforce laws."