Plano to host free property safety seminar

Some people in one Plano neighborhood in particular are on alert after a series of recent burglaries. Police will share tips with them Wednesday night during a free property safety seminar.

Officer Christopher Bianez stopped by the FOX 4 studio to share some of his ideas. One of them is a door stop.

"This part is like a strike plate. We want you to put it in about a foot from the top of the door. It comes standard with good screws. Then this goes on. And when this door is closed you take this piece here. You slide it on and now this thing has been rated two and a half times stronger than a deadbolt," he said.

He encouraged homeowners to make it more difficult, more time consuming and noisier for burglars to get in.

Some other suggestions include using window safety film to make them more force resistant and adding a plate lock at the bottom of double doors.

Officer Bianez said the best crime fighting teams are neighborhoods that partner with law enforcement.

He will host the property safety seminar at 7 p.m. at the Plano Municipal Center.