Plano police seek help on case of missing woman found dead

Plano police are asking for the public’s help to piece together what happened to a woman who disappeared from a park in Plano and was later found dead in Lake Ray Hubbard in Dallas.

Megan Getrum, 36, was last heard from while waking at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Friday evening. A passerby pulled Getrum’s body from the water of Lake Ray Hubbard in Dallas the next morning, but it remains unclear how she got there or how she died.

Plano police said Getrum was found wearing a red, yellow and white, floral-print bike shirt and green running shoes.

Anyone with information is asked to call the tip line at 972-941-2148.

No clue is too small, according to police, as they have no yet identified a crime scene and are still waiting to find out Getrum’s cause of death from the medical examiner.

According to police, there were no obvious signs of trauma on Getrum’s body.

Neighbors are on edge at Getrum’s apartment complex in Plano.

Lindsey Burnett said she would see Getrum on her second floor balcony.

“She always seemed to be reading a book and with her cat and seemed very quiet and peaceful up there,” Burnett said.

Getrum, a software engineer at Plano-based Masergy, is described by neighbors as someone who kept to herself.

Another neighbor said even before she learned Getrum was missing on Tuesday, she noticed her lights on and blinds open at night. That neighbor had a feeling something was wrong, but otherwise noticed nothing suspicious.

Burnett said not knowing how Getrum died weighs on her mind.

“I find it really strange that somebody's gone missing up here, ends up all the way in Dallas,” Burnett said.

Neighbor Kyalo Kalui also lives in the apartment complex, which is not far from the 200-acre park. Police spent much of Tuesday and Wednesday conducting a thorough grid search of the area, but did not find anything.

Kalui said he can't imagine Getrum might have been harmed there.

“When you go back here to the trail, it's kind of all marked,” Kalui said. “There's really nowhere to hide or disappear, so I don't think anything could have happened back over there."

Burnett said she feels uneasy about the park now.

“I don't want to go there by myself right now and make sure I go during daylight,” Burnett said.

Getrum's car remained at her apartment, where police also found her purse.

Cell phone records show she communicated with a relative about 8:30 Friday evening, then the trail went cold.

Anyone with information is asked to call the tip line at 972-941-2148.