Plano ISD moves to a hybrid schedule for high school students, nixes final exams

The Plano school district announced a major change for high school students just a week before the school year begins.

The school year starts online only this coming Wednesday for students in Plano ISD.

When in-person learning begins on Sept. 9, high school students who choose to be in class will be put into a hybrid schedule where they will only be on campus two days a week.

The district had previously said in-person learning would mean students would be in school five days a week.

The change was made after the district looked at home many high school students chose in-person learning and determined they wouldn’t be able to practice proper social distancing.

No changes were made to the elementary and middle school schedules.

Plano ISD also announced that students will not take final exams at the end of each semester this school year. The change will affect students in grades 6 through 12.

Instead, 60% of grades will be based on smaller regular exams while the other 40% depends on daily assignments.

Grades form each of two nine-week sessions will be weighted equally to come up with the semester grade.