PHOTOS: Waxahachie residents survey damage after natural gas explosion

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Some people in the Saddlebrook Estates subdivision in Waxahachie are being allowed back into their homes for the first time since a neighbor’s house exploded.

Investigators determined a construction crew hit gas and sewer lines. Natural gas bubbled up through the toilets and filled Adele Chavez’ home. It ignited Monday when she turned on a stove to cook breakfast.

Chavez and her brother were seriously injured and their house was completely destroyed. Nearly a dozen other homes were also damaged.

Atmos Energy assured residents the area is now clear of gas leaks, but some cannot move back in yet because of the damage to their own homes.

The Dotsons live across the street from Chavez. Their home is still standing, but was so heavily damaged they may have to move.

“It’s heartbreaking because it’s your home. I would give that up a million times to make sure my kids are okay,” Teressa Dotson said.

Susan Guynes, who lives with her 16-year-old daughter and sister, was told her home is now structurally unsound. They returned just to gather a few belongings and search for their pets.

Insurance adjusters have begun to assess the damage.

The company responsible for the explosion has not yet been named.

AT&T, which has been installing fiber lines in the area, said it is cooperating with an investigation.