Photo of McKinney officer with boy warming hearts

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A photo of a McKinney police officer comforting a little boy after a fire is warming hearts.

Officer Johnathan Rouse helped 2-year-old Joseph, his mother and baby brother escape after a fire started on their backyard deck Monday night.

The boy’s father, Jaison Rye, said he was working at the time and found about the fire when his wife called him. She was frantic.

Rye had to call 911 for his wife because she does not speak English. Officer Rouse also had to use hand signals to communicate with her.

“He actually walked upstairs with my wife and helped her because it was hard for her to carry two babies. So he just automatically took Joe with him and he came down. He took him outside and took my wife outside. And he got that blanket. It was really thoughtful and we really appreciate it,” Rye said.

Officer Rouse said by the time he got to the house there was smoke coming inside. He was concerned because there were two children inside.

“My concern was that because the fire was so close to the house, it was up against the house, that the house would catch fire and then it would be a potential problem for the children and her,” he said.

He said helping is just in his nature.

“We’re paid to do it. Some of us were made for it. Some of us weren’t. You know, you help people. I mean, you see everyday people that don’t do our job. They would do the same thing. So it comes down to character,” he said.

McKinney fire investigators are still not sure how the fire started.