PGA of America takes first step in its move to Frisco

PGA of America has begun its corporate move from south Florida to Frisco.

On Thursday, the golf association opened its temporary headquarters in the city that now bills itself as Sports City, USA.

The untapped northern part of Frisco will soon be transformed into a half billion-dollar golf mecca, complete with two championship courses, an Omni Hotel, convention center, and retail space.

The first step is to move 20 PGA employees out of Palm Beach County, Florida.

“PGA Frisco is very real all of a sudden, with real teammates, real families, real jobs, relocating to our temporary space. Dirt being moved on the golf course,” PGA of America’s Chief Operating Officer Darrell Crall said.

The PGA will fit right in with its other Frisco sports neighbors: The Cowboys, FC Dallas, the Roughriders, and the Dallas Stars practice rink.

“We look at it as a golf laboratory,” Crall explained. “We're going to be innovative in golf coaching, player development, performance for the greatest athletes in the world, but also for kids, those of you like me, who just play golf for fun.”

PGA Frisco will get $35 million in public investment.

The city council has promised there won’t be a property or sales tax increase.

Crall says the complex will offer a lot for the community.

“Our championship’s televised to 200 countries around the world. We think will create a magnetism that will make folks want to come to Frisco,” he added.

The PGA is also promising to partner with Frisco ISD, much as the Cowboys have, offering its facilities to Frisco ISD students.

The headquarters is expected to create 125 jobs, the average salary hitting the six figure mark.

Sandy Cross, with the new position of Chief People Officer, says she wants their staff to reflect the community.

“We've realized we need to get out into the community and let unengaged consumers with perceptions of exclusivity or elitism from years ago that we've changed, we're welcoming. It is a sport for all. It is affordable,” Cross said.

The completion date is set for June 2022.