Pedestrian killed crossing Fort Worth highway

The body of a man who was killed while crossing a Fort Worth highway wasn't found until hours after the accident by the same driver who hit him.

The accident happened Friday around 1:30 a.m. as a pedestrian tried to walk across Loop 820 and Quebec Street in northwest Forth Worth.

Police say a car hit the man but the driver wasn't sure what he hit. The driver said he thought he'd hit a deer. He says he stopped to take a look but couldn't see anything so went home.

It wasn't until the light of day that they realized a man was killed. His body was found in tall grass near the base of the embankment.

“It was dark so he could not see anything and couldn’t see the damage to his vehicle either,” said Forth Worth Police Officer Tamara Valle. “In the morning, him and his wife returned to the scene and that’s when -- it was light out at this point -- they were able to see what they did hit.”

Police say when the driver went back and discovered the body in the grass called police out to the scene. His car was impounded but has not been charged.

The case is being investigated as an accident.