Pasco auto theft suspect arrested with monkey latched onto his shirt

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Both a Volusia County man and his monkey were taken into custody after a crash in Holiday.

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office posted a picture on Facebook of the diapered primate hanging from 23-year-old Cody Hession’s light pink polo shirt. Hession’s arms were behind his back as he stood next to a Pasco County deputy’s patrol car.

“That's a once in a lifetime experience,” said deputy Zachary Dendler. “First thing is: How’s this monkey going to react to me? The other was: I kind of want to pet the monkey.”

Deputies say the odd encounter started when Cody Hession crashed a car in Holiday.

They say he took the car, without permission, from a woman in St. Pete. Hession is apparently best friends with the woman's stepson.

Monk, a 4-year-old capuchin monkey, was along for the ride.

“I’ve never seen a capuchin monkey that close before and I don’t expect to again,” the deputy said.

Hession is behind bars for car theft and for keeping Monk without the proper permit.

Monk was taken by FWC to the Suncoast Primary Sanctuary while his owner goes thru the legal system.

“When we got him, he looked great. He's playing great,” said Debbie Cobb.

Cobb manages the sanctuary and is offering Hession help to get his permit. FWC says Hession's application was denied back in January.

“You need to get the paperwork done before you get the animal,” she said. “This animal is in great shape. I’m not concerned about Monk. I can’t wait to meet his owner because he's done a great job.”