Outdoor New Year's Eve celebrations canceled in Sundance Square

New Year’s Eve celebrations at Sundance Square in Fort Worth have been canceled due to inclement weather.

Officials made the call early Saturday afternoon. They are worried winds could top 20 miles per hour, which means the fire marshal would not allow them to launch fireworks. They are also worried about the impact long-term exposure to cold temperatures could have on the band.

This would have been the 5th year for the event. It brings about 10,000 people to Sundance Square every year.

People will still be able to attend the restaurants and venues nearby. In fact, Sundance Square officials say they are still expecting good business there. Many of the restaurants are booked or almost booked, but it’s obviously a big disappointment, not just for those who have started to make this a tradition, but the organizers as well.

“Definitely we're disappointed, we start working on this as soon as the previous year's event is over.” Said organizer Tracy Gilmour. “We just coupled with the high winds, or potential for high winds, we felt this was the best decision to make at this time.”

This is the first time they have had to cancel the event in its five year run. Sundance Square officials say people should call the restaurants and venues ahead of time to see if they can get still get in since those places are expected to be even more crowded.