Outdoor jobs mean some can't escape record North Texas heat

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The National Weather Service advises people to stay inside during this heat streak, but some jobs mean people have to be outside.

The Tarrant County Sheriff's Courtesy Patrol can be a life saver for people stranded on the highway -- especially in triple digit heat.

"I'll let them sit in the truck with air conditioning, let them cool down while I take care of it. Give them water, make sure they don't overheat,” said William Barnes, Tarrant County Sheriff's Courtesy Patrol.

Stranded driver Alex Mendiaz tried to keep cool as he coaxed his pickup to start on Friday.

"The heat right now, there's no breeze, no water, no rain lot of stress on everybody even on the cars and trucks,” Mendiaz said.

He was stranded, but he got off the highway and lucked into some shade.

Construction workers and people with outside jobs have very little to shield them from the heat.

"We don't expect this. Just tough it out. Do have a cooler in the back, do have water,” one worker said.

Companies gave workers a place to grab a bit of shade and cool off.

TxDOT has eliminated traditional safety vests in favor of a light, long sleeved shirt that wicks away perspiration and keeps you cool. They also train employees to look after each other.

"If anyone shows signs of heat stress, we put them in air conditioned vehicles to lower their body temperature and get them in an environment where they are no longer in the heat,” said TxDOT spokesman Val Lopez.

Area hospitals said they have seen an increase in patients with heat illnesses. One ER doctor said he was attending to four patients alone dealing with heat-related issues.

Texas Health Hospitals in North Texas reported 44 heat related cases on Thursday. That's 10 more than their previous daily high in august 2016.

"We do have a flexibility with staffing. We are bumping that up as necessary for this,” said Dr. Elliott Trotter, Texas Health.

Texas Health said it brings on extra staff to deal with the increased cases as needed.