One in custody, police looking for 2nd suspect after grocery store robbery

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Police are still looking for one suspect involved in an early morning robbery at a Tom Thumb grocery store in far north Dallas.

The robbery happened at about 5:30 a.m. Friday, at the store on the corner of Preston and Belt Line roads.

Police said employees called 911 and officers arrived at the scene just as one suspect was walking out of the store. That person was taken into custody, but another suspect appeared to run back inside.

“The police started coming in and they started swarming the parking lot,” said Sherry Smith, who manages a business just doors down from the Tom Thumb. “I seen five or six police officers go inside Tom Thumb and they started walking out with the workers, the overnight workers.”

The officers helped all employees safely get out of the store. Two were physically assaulted during the robbery, but their injuries are not life-threatening.

“We don’t believe there was any stabbing or gunshot victims. We do believe, at this time, we believe those injuries may have been caused by the suspects,“ said Dallas PD Deputy Chief of Police Albert Martinez

With employees safely out, patrol officers quickly set up a perimeter, and SWAT officers were called to the scene.

Nearby businesses were evacuated.

Under the cover of an armored personnel carrier, at least a dozen SWAT officers moved in to look for the other suspect.

A sniper kept a watchful eye on the front of the store. Officers searched the entire store, from the rooftop to the ground, but after four hours, concluded he was not there.

It was a scary time for owners and employees of nearby businesses, who could only watch from a distance.

“The police would not let me into my store and I am concerned because I have pets in there I need to take care of,” said Sherry Redwine, with Odyssey Pets.

Detectives reviewed surveillance video and physical evidence to see if they could identify the suspect who got away.

“Our robbery unit will be looking at that video, will be looking at shopping center video. Again, we’ll ask the public if they are any witnesses that happen to see anything suspicious," Martinez added.

Police also believe these two suspects robbed a Golden Corral restaurant at 11:45 p.m. Thursday. That robbery happened at Forest Ln. and Webb Chapel Rd., about six miles away from Friday's robbery.