One child remains in ICU after car crash at Frisco daycare

One child remains in intensive care after a car crashed into a fenced area at a Frisco day care on Thursday.

A total of eight people were injured, five of them children, when a 17-year-old boy driver lost control and crashed through a section of the fence at the Primrose School of Frisco about 5 p.m.

A Children’s Health spokesman said three other children admitted to the hospital were scheduled to be released by the end of Friday.

The courtyard area is the very spot where Makayla Coleman's daughter is accustomed to being everyday about 5 p.m. Coleman learned of the accident while on the way to pick up her toddler, Gerren, who is almost two years old.  Coleman, who is a trauma nurse, said she was relieved to learn her little girl escaped harm.

“It was actually the area where they play right outside of that classroom,” Coleman said. “My daughter just happened to be far enough away along the fence to where she wasn’t in that direct impact.”

Frisco police say, as of now, no charges will be filed because the crash is considered an accident.