Oklahoma 100-year-old celebrates '25th’ birthday on Leap Day

Mary Lea Forsythe celebrates her 100th birthday. (Credit: Centenarians of Oklahoma)

While centenarian Mary Lea Forsythe technically turned 100 years old on Leap Day, she was quick to say otherwise.

"Actually, I’ll be 24 and 7/8ths. There’s a man at church who loves to say that," Forsythe said in an interview with People Magazine about her birthday. "There’s no 29th in three out of four years and I have a good time with that."

The Oklahoma resident was honored with a birthday celebration last week by the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR), a lineage-based woman’s service organization.

According to a congratulatory Facebook post by the organization, Forsythe attended Sand Springs schools and was in her high school’s All-State Chorus for four years. They added that she loves "all things musical" and plays the piano and mandolin. 

"We welcome her into the Centenarians of Oklahoma Hall of Fame!," they wrote. 

The centenarian explained that she has always marked her non-leap year birthdays on random dates, adding, "I celebrated any day that came along."

Kerry Nau, Forsythe’s granddaughter volunteered to be the family’s point person for Forsythe’s birthday party on Feb. 29, according to People.

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"I had no idea what I was getting into," she told the publication. "I asked her how many invitations she needed, and she said about 30. I printed 40 — and she said she needed more because she was inviting everyone."

It’s going to be pretty big," she continued.

Forsythe said she lives alone, but her daughter lives nearby and checks in on her every day. She also takes regular walks, has a treadmill and stays active. 

"My mother’s sister Mary lived to be 107," Forsythe said. "So I told ‘em, I’m going to out-do her."

This story was reported from Los Angeles.