Ohio grandfather 'sticks a leg out' for officers to help catch suspect

Police in Ohio are thanking a man named Bill, whose “fancy footwork,” helped them stop a fleeing suspect.

On April 3, Bill was at a west Columbus library with his granddaughter. He told the Columbus Division of Police he was waiting outside to leave when he heard the sound of police sirens coming closer. Bill looked around him and saw a man, with his hand on his waistband, running toward him.

Police said Bill heard officers yelling multiple times to drop the gun. In surveillance video, Bill is seen assessing the situation as quickly as he could, and with his cane in hand, he stepped back, stuck out his back leg, and tripped the fleeing suspect. 

Police found a handgun tossed nearby. The suspect, who wasn’t identified, had a lengthy criminal record, and was arrested, they said. There were no injuries.