Officers testify in kidnapping trial of missing Fort Worth woman Typhenie Johnson

Officers who responded to the kidnapping call of a Tarrant County woman in 2016 testified Thursday during the trial of the man accused of taking her.

Typhenie Johnson was last seen by her brother and her friends at their apartment.

Her ex-boyfriend is on trial for her disappearance, charged with aggravated kidnapping.

Crime scene investigators and experts who analyzed the contents of Johnson’s cell phone took up the majority of Thursday’s testimony.

The focus for the second day of testimony was dozens of photographs, along with physical items collected from the area where Johnson was last seen three years ago.

The state says her phone and a sock resembling Johnson’s were located in a grassy area outside her apartment where she was having a conversation with her ex-boyfriend, Christopher Revill.

Earlier testimony indicated Revill stopped by unexpectedly the same evening Johnson had invited a new friend over for dinner.

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Johnson’s guest was inside the apartment with her twin brother and his girlfriend.

Later, Revill told police that Johnson left with a mechanic who was going to work on her car. Police say they did speak to that person.

"Since we had that information, Officer Gomez was assigned to go speak to that person to get a statement and find out what was happening. Officer Gomez said the guy who was fixing her car said he received a message from her requesting a ride to work, but he never came by or picked her up," Fort Worth PD Detective Doug Rohloff said during his testimony.

As the state works to paint a picture showing that Revill caused Johnson's disappearance, Revill's attorneys are highlighting what they call sloppy and incomplete police work.

Also, they say the purported timeline is illogical for what the state is claiming.

Testimony will continue Friday.