Officer-involved shooting in Grand Prairie injures suspect

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Grand Prairie Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that sent the officer and a suspect to the hospital.

Neighbors on Victoria Drive woke up to bullets flying around 4 a.m. Sunday. The shots damaged vehicles in Monica Morales’ driveway, and went through her home.

“In the garage, came in here, into these two doors, came into the wall right here,” she said as she pointed out holes in the house.

Morales says thankfully, the shooting happened while her family was sleeping upstairs, away from the gunfire.

Dalia Ruiz says she heard about ten shots.

“First thing I did was run into my son's room and tell him to drop to the floor and crawl towards my voice so he would be away from where the gunshots were coming,” she said.

Ruiz and her family weren't’t hurt, but when they looked outside they saw the suspect lying on the ground in front of their home.

“Cops were surrounding the guy on the floor and he kept screaming that he was shot, he was shot,” she said.

Police had been responding to a report of a man breaking into cars at the Sunridge Apartments nearby. They tracked the suspect down in the 200 block of Victoria Drive, where an officer struggled with 26-year-old Gary Rogers.

The officer says Rogers refused to listen to commands. The officer tried to tase Rogers during the struggle but was unsuccessful. When Rogers reached for the officer’s gun, the officer fired, hitting him in the arm and leg.

“It's kind of scary to think that's somebody's blood on my car and on the floor in the front of my house,” said Ruiz.

Rogers is charged with assault on a police officer and more charges are expected. Grand Prairie Police say the officer is on administrative leave, which is standard in these cases.

The district attorney’s officer-involved shooting team is investigating and the case is expected to go before a grand jury.