Oak Lawn business shares profits with next-door restaurant during COVID-19 pandemic

An Oak Lawn businessman is sharing his profits with the restaurant next door.

The money is going straight to the employees to help them stay afloat while customers slowly trickle back.

Parigi Restaurant has been serving up fine food in Oak Lawn for 36 years.

“People have been coming here we're talking three generations now,” said Parigi owner Janice Provost.

JDouglas Design has been Parigi’s next-door neighbor for 31 of those 36 years.

Douglas Bradford is the owner of JDouglas. He says the two are more than business neighbors.

“In knowing each other that long, we have kind of all become like family,” Bradford said.

“Business was great. Everything was wonderful,” Provost said. “We were headed into patio season and looking forward to it.”

Then, COVID-19 showed up and changed everything for the restaurant. That’s when the man like family got involved.

“After sitting at home for 45 days and watching nothing but COVID-19 and seeing others helping others, I was like what could I do?” Bradford said.

So Bradford came up with an idea that could benefit his retail and bless Provost’s restaurant.

“Decided to come up with a card that Janice could present to all of her customers when they get their check or when they get their takeout,” Bradford said. “And if they bring this to JDouglas Design and present it with any home furnishing purchase, I give ten percent of that sale back to Janice’s employees.”

“The gesture, everything about it is exactly what this community is and it meant a lot,” Provost said. “Hopefully by bringing in this card and putting it in every bag, it will bring attention to, ‘Let’s go shopping. Let’s get back at this. Let’s get the economy moving again.’”

The hope is that what happens here will spread throughout the business community.