NYPD widows visit Dallas PD to pay tribute to fallen officers

The widows and family members of two New York Police Department officers killed in 2014 brought a wreath to the public memorial outside Dallas police headquarters on Friday.

The wreath was a gift for the families of the five fallen Dallas officers from those who know their pain. The two NYPD officers were also killed in an ambush attack.

Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were shot at point blank range as they sat in their squad car in a Brooklyn neighborhood just before Christmas two years ago

"I know exactly what that feels like to lose someone that you love, someone that went out to work, to serve our country, serve us, and didn't return home," said widow Maritza Ramos.

Widow Pei Xia Chen said losing a loved one so suddenly “hurts in your heart,” and it’s tough to realize nothing can bring them back. The two widows wanted to come to Dallas to show support for the five new police widows.

From the DPD HQ the group traveled to the Dallas Police Association headquarters where officers from everywhere have gathered for a check presentation -- $100,000 checks for each fallen officer’s family to help pay off mortgages.

The donation came from the Tunnel to Towers Foundation that was started by the family of New York Firefighter Stephen Siller, who died in the September 11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center.

"When something bad like this happens we want to help we want to be there emotionally. But we also want to be there financially. We want to bring the country together like it was for 9-11 and lift those families,” said Frank Siller of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.