Numerous car windows shot out in Mansfield

Police are investigating reports of more car windows being shot out in southwest Mansfield.

Police believe this may be related to another rash of shootings earlier this month.

"We put a trash bag over it so the rain wouldn't get inside,” said Tristyn Walters. “But you can see they shot it five times."

Police can't be sure it's the same people. But a couple of weeks ago, someone shot at dozens of car windows in Mansfield and Arlington.

"It's pretty childish,” said Walters. "I paid cash for my car. I take care of my car myself.”

Down the street from Walters, plastic was covering the front and back windows of vehicles. Cars parked on the curb seem to be targeted at close range with a BB or pellet gun. There's talk of similar damage on social media.

Earlier this month, police released surveillance video of what they believe is the suspect car that shot out nearly 70 car windows two weeks ago. It was a 2012 to 2015 red or maroon Dodge Avenger, similar to the description in the recent string of crimes.

Tristyn took pictures of the damage, but her insurance won't cover this. As a college student, paying for the damage won't be easy, and it happened on her twentieth birthday.

"Guess I'll use that birthday money to get my car fixed,” she said.

Arlington didn't get any reports of car windows being shot out. But it was the second time in Mansfield in two weeks.

Police say there's always the danger that someone is going to get seriously hurt if it keeps up.