Norwegian police arrest the 'Night King' from Game of Thrones

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(Trondheim Police)

The Night King’s reign is reportedly over as police in Trondheim, Norway posted photos of them taking the unpopular Game of Thrones character into custody this week.

The satirical post from Trondheim Police shows officers arresting the handcuffed Night King and putting him in a jail cell. The post also included mugshots and a photo of the imprisoned character.

“The police have received many complaints about a man from the northern region involved in criminal activity,” the department joked.

The police then went on to list the Night King’s transgressions, including animal cruelty, a nod to the Night King’s javelin takedown of a dragon in the hit HBO series. 

Trondheim Police also said the Night King committed “property damage” adding, “there have been reports of a wall being destroyed.”

The other crime was described as, “threats to lay vast areas of land desolate.”

“Our night watch has now apprehended the man to deter any further criminal activity on his behalf,” said police.

This story was reported from Minneapolis.