North Texas woman who baked cookies for soldiers asks for prayers after being moved to hospice care

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A North Texas woman spent years showing her patriotism through baked goods.

In 2015, FOX 4 introduced Gerry Hunter, who baked, packed and shipped off homemade cookies to our nation's military members. She is now in declining health.

Hunter's kitchen was the place she most expressed her love for our country, but her baking ritual is interrupted.  Now, her family is asking for prayers during a difficult time.  

Hunter is a retiree with a passion for baking cookies and shipping them around the world to U.S. troops.

Hunter’s grandson, Nathan Phillips, recalls the aroma of the dozens of batches of cookies.

“Yeah, I helped make the cookies with her a lot of times,” he said. “As she was getting older, she'd like to have chopped dried fruit in there. She'd ask me to chop it for her."

Hunter was always proud of the feedback from soldiers who devoured the treats in faraway places. Now, the recipe has changed.

"Some people from the consignment shop where she volunteers have reached out just checking on her health. Her neighbor who's always checking in on her,” Phillips said.

Hunter’s family is asking for prayers as she has been in poor health. She recently moved from hospitalization to hospice care as the result of a long battle with heart failure and other health issues.

"I think she's always had a passion for the country and for our freedoms,” Phillips said. “And she just wanted to do whatever she could do.”

Phillips shared a recent photo of Hunter taken a few weeks ago when she got to meet his baby girl and her great-granddaughter.

“We're going to continue that legacy and remember my grandmother with our daughter,” Phillips said. “And I can't wait to tell her some of the stories and funny things about grandmother but also instill that passion and same love for our country."

Hunter has a birthday coming up in early August. She will be 89.