North Texas volunteers sending 700 disaster relief kits to Louisiana

North Texans are sending some critical supplies to victims of Hurricane Ida in Louisiana.

Volunteers with the Home Depot Foundation and Operation Blessing have assembled more than 700 disaster relief kits that will be sent to impacted communities.

For volunteer Cynthia Jackson, this hits very close to home after she survived Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  She's also housing a family who evacuated Louisiana days before Ida hit.

"I think if I would've had that at the beginning during Hurricane Katrina, it would've been a whole lot easy. But starting over and not having that help, it made it kind of hard. So, with us able to give back to them, it's just making it a whole lot easier," she said. "Knowing what they were going through, it was no problem for me to step in to help."

Each disaster relief kit contains various supplies that include garbage bags, paper towels, cleaners, hand sanitizer, masks and gloves. 

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