North Texas teen battling leukemia gets a call from actress Amy Poehler

A North Texas teen with leukemia got a virtual visit from actress Amy Poehler.

During their 40-minute conversation, Lauren Quintero and the “Parks and Recreation” star talked about things that inspire them, their favorite TikTok videos and tips to get through the quarantine.

Quintero was diagnosed with cancer in 2017. She’s been avoiding germs in public places since then. Poehler asked her if she had any advice for people who are struggling with the coronavirus pandemic.

“You find the things that calm you down and relax you,” she said. “Spend time with your family, that’s what I do and it’s got me through some bad times.”

The 16-year-old was able to ask Poehler the typical questions about being a celebrity, actress and comedian. She also asked Poehler what inspires her. The answer was working mothers.

“Moms who have to work and raise kids, especially during these times. There’s a lot of mothers who are working hard,” Poehler said. “I’m also very inspired by health care workers who are in the trenches and can’t see their own families because they have to be safe. I’m very inspired by people who put their lives on the line, risk their lives for people.”

The call was set up by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth.