North Texas students help turn retired school bus into food truck

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An old, run down school bus has been given new life thanks to a group of North Texas students.

The bus was transformed into a food truck where students are the chefs and business-runners.

The bus features some tunes, along with much more

“Thank y'all so much for helping our students learn, enjoy!"

It’s a palette pleasing, fun-filled, conversation creator.

A Denton ISD school bus has been turned into a food truck, and judging by the line of customers, a darn good one.

"It's restaurant quality," said Kim Rhodes, counselor for Braswell High School. "I came back for more."

The restaurant on wheels came to be thanks to a campus wide effort at the district’s advanced technology center.

"Engineering was a big part of it,” said Marcus Bourland, principal at LaGrone Advanced Technology Complex. “Automotive, welding, architecture, design.”

Many students had a hand in the transformation.

"They actually did the planning process with the city, planning process with the fire department for regulations, and all those things. So our kids would know we're building it correctly," Bourland added.

Culinary students like Felix Alonso are getting hands-on experience on how to run a business.

"It gets really hot in there. There a lot of smoke. Everyone comes asking for a panini, burger, so I have to be fast. So it's hard, yeah," Felix said.

It rocks and rolls out great food, putting money back into the school.