North Texas officer fired after letting city leader go during DWI stop

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A police officer in the Grayson County city of Whitewright is no longer with the department after he let a council member from another city go during a DWI traffic stop.

Officer Andrew Lefevre pulled over Tom Bean Council member Ben Vincent last weekend.

Dash cam video shows the officer saying Vincent drove into oncoming traffic. Despite the council member telling Lefevre that he drank a bottle of wine, the officer suggested Vincent call a sober driver to pick him up.

Whitewright Police Chief Beau Heistand says council members shouldn't be given special treatment.

"There are a lot of fatalities that are caused by that,” he said. “And allowing someone to get a slap on the wrist and call someone to come take them home isn't going to get anywhere."

The mayor of Tom Bean did not say whether Vincent will stay on the city council because of the ongoing investigation.