North Texas malls, stores busy on Christmas Eve

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‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the mall, not a store clerk was idle, everyone nice... some really tall.

“It’s fun to just get out and enjoy the festivities and see the Christmas, all the decorations,” said Galleria Dallas shopper Alyson Brown.

The merchandise was hung in the windows with care, in hopes that last-minute shoppers would leave ‘em all bare.

“I think I’ve done almost everything,” shopper Yareli Carrasco.

With all the hustle and bustle one can conceive, there’s more to do and yikes, it’s Christmas Eve!

“I probably need to get about 20 more gifts,” said shopper Mindy Penn. “I did a little light shopping, too much working, so yeah.”

Now Visa, now MasterCard and American Express. On Discover, on bank cards and personal checks.

“Trying to get me to dress up in a onesie, not gonna happen. It’s not gonna happen! But if I see one I like I might participate,” said shopper Mike Brown.

Cheers to being late, so you might as well skate (at the Galleria ice rink).

Even with procrastinator’s blues, last-minute shoppers wound up on FOX4 News.

“It’s about spending time together, having a little bit of time together, said shopper Hilda Carrasco.

Most area malls and stores closed their doors at 6 p.m. Monday and will reopen on Wednesday.