North Texas grandma won't be charged in Kansas airport clash

The North Texas great-grandmother who was arrested after she punched a TSA agent will not face charges.

82-year-old Lila Bryan was facing misdemeanor battery charges after the May 31 incident at Wichita's Dwight Eisenhower Airport, but her case was dismissed on Friday.

The TSA said the Mesquite woman became upset after the agent tried to confiscate a bottle of foaming hand gel that was too large to carry on her flight back to Dallas and punched the agent in the arm. She was arrested, photographed and fingerprinted before being freed.

Bryan loves crime TV shows. But after her own crime drama that made headlines across the country, she is smiling after the news she got from the Sedgwick County district attorney that her charges were dropped.

Bryan says she had just attended a class reunion, was tired and forgot to take her medication for bipolar disorder.

"I'm just relieved,” she said. “Of course, I couldn't believe it in the first place what they were gonna do to me. I just could not believe it."

Bryan’s mugshot isn't something she's proud of and recalls jail as being really cold.

"You sat on cement. Everything was cement, and that was cold too,” she said. “And then the air conditioner was blowing on you full blast."

Bryan says her tough grandma persona was solidified with one of her grandsons. But her favorite Facebook comment after the arrest?

"Go get ‘em, granny!” she said.

The TSA agent wasn't hurt. Bryan still doesn't see what all the fuss was about.

"I didn't kill him or anything or put him in the hospital,” she said.

Bryan wasn't allowed to apologize to the worker she hit, but hopes he somehow sees her interview.

"I regret doing it. But what can I say?” she said. “I'm sorry young man that I hit you."